Thursday, August 18, 2011

The scooter has changed, the hair has changed, even the country has changed...but yep, that's still me. "Terri 2.0"

Below you'll find most of my articles that were published in Fra Noi in Chicago, from 2006 though 2010. I took a break from writing about living in Italy as I was living in Washington, DC. The original plan was to get my documents in order and head back to Italy...but life in DC just turned out so well. Who knew???

Anyway, just click on 2009 there on the right, and you'll get some drop down menus to choose from, February has the most titles for now. I think my favorite has always been "Stranded In The Spotlight" for some reason. Maybe because the searing pain in my stomach is ever-so-slightly still there after that incident. At any rate...

I hope you enjoy the reading.

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